SoftPMO employs a mix of consulting, process standards, and cloud-based collaboration services to deliver the following benefits to organizations that need help planning, initiating, and managing mission-critical projects and programs:

  • Rapid identification of the work that needs to be done.
  • Reduction in the time and cost of initiating projects.
  • Help in establishing consistent program governance.
  • Simplification of how information is shared.
  • Training staff in the basics of project management.
  • Improved management oversight of multiple projects.
  • Improved document management.


The SoftPMO Project Management Model is the heart of SoftPMO Program Management Solutions. The Model describes each step in the project life-cycle so that managers and staff know which tasks to complete, when, and how. The foundation for SoftPMO services is the SoftPMO Project Teamsite whose structure and content are based on the Model. Teamsites can be built to support individual projects, groups of projects and entire programs.

Teamsites are managed using local or cloud-based SharePoint and are designed to support improved process management, content management, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Access to SharePoint based Teamsites is provided via standard desktop and tablet computers; task, schedule, and document update notifications can be delivered to via smartphone.

Individual project Teamsites are provisioned with a mix of SoftPMO’s Basic and Advanced process templates configured using Office 365 to reflect each project’s type and complexity. Using the process templates allows management and staff to quickly document and ramp up the planning and management of projects and programs. Teamsite configurations can themselves be stored as reusable SharePoint templates to accelerate setting up and provisioning individual project Teamsites. Also, SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server can be integrated to simultaneously establish both projects schedules and project Teamsites via the SoftPMO Project TeamSite Template for Microsoft Project Server (also available in the cloud).

Customers without documented processes can use SoftPMO’s existing model and process templates “as is” or can modify them as needed. If customers have their own documented processes they can also use the Teamsite’s content and document management features to adapt them for Teamsite delivery.


SoftPMO solutions can address a range of program management situations, for example:

  • The organization has developed its own project management staffing, infrastructure, tools, and standards but finds it still has difficulty completing projects on time and on budget.
  • The organization, perhaps due to growth or reorganization, lacks needed skills and infrastructure to undertake challenging new mission critical projects.
  • The organization already has a project management organization and wants to improve how groups of projects and programs are planned and managed.


SoftPMO consultants provide client support via tailored workshops, training programs, staff augmentation, and professional consulting. Services include:

  • Program QuickStart rapidly delivers a customized and structured group of process standards on an easily accessed internal website based on standard Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Project technologies.
  • Program Definition accelerates the project definition process for large or complex projects that have been approved and funded.
  • Management Assessments review existing project management processes to identify needed improvements.
    Project Rescue helps project managers get “back on track” when challenging or difficult projects are failing due to poor communication and a lack of discipline.
  • Remote Support provides access to SoftPMO experts via phone, email, and standard audio and video conferencing tools.